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Google Chrome is the most common browser that is on everyone’s phone and laptop. Those who do not have interest in technology. They don’t know that there are more browsers than Google Chrome. Here Top 5 Most Safest Web Browser and Best Private Browser which can be installed on mobile and laptop.

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Perhaps you don’t know that all the browsers save all the search information and most of them only do it for better browser experience. But the browsers that I am going to tell you here are all safest browsers and are known as Best Anonymous Browsers.

The biggest thing about browser application is that you get free for both mobile and computer and you install one or four does not matter. Just before some government has banned UC browser App in India, in such a situation, if you are looking for UC Browser best alternative, then your search can be completed here.

What is Best Browser For Private Browsing?

The three most common browsers are Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firebox, and the 2 most common are mobile chrome and UC Browser for mobile phones. These are all good but are private browsers, so you need to understand which are the best private browsers? And how to download them?

No. 1 Tor Browser:


If it is a matter of private internet search, then the name of the browser that comes to mind first is Tor web browser and I have told about it long ago. This is such a browser zipper is searched in the most secure way. If you visit a site on Tor, then it does not allow your Physical MAC address to be shared while searching.

That is, in a way that hides your computer information, so that the site owner and the ISP do not know who visited the site. But the safer it is, the more difficult it is to use a person away from a technology, nor can it open a website, by which it becomes No # 1 best private browser.

Tor Availability:

This free and open-source software that can be installed on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems.

Tor Advantages & Disadvantages

  • It is an open source software that is available for free for both mobile and laptop.
  • Tor is one of the most secure and private browsers.
  • This is done through deep web access.
  • This is a slightly complex browser that not everyone can run.
  • Due to the high security, it works very slow.

No.2 Brave Browser:


This browser is famous for its Duck Duck Go search engine, if you do not know what is Duck Duck Go? So you understand that it is a search engine like Google. Where anything can be searched.

Brave web browser therefore ranks second in the list of private browsers because it prevents the share of Duck Duck Go search engine and user privacy. With this Brave’s specialty is that it blocks unwanted and malware coming from the internet.

Brave Availability:

It is also available for the three operating systems of Windows, Mac and Linux and together with all mobile browsers Android and iOS are available, you can use it on mobile.

Brave Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • It is fast and secure application.
  • Available for free.
  • Browser’s is secure but private search is not done here.

No. 3 Epic Browser


This privacy-centric web browser’s and perhaps it is the first popular India based browser that has been developed in Bangalore. It only works real-time, meaning there is no search history save in it. If we talk about the most secure and easy application, then probably Epic browser will be number one.

There will be no type of tracker that will track your browser history and no cookie will be saved as soon as you close this browser, all the information related to your search will not be found on the browser and for this reason or best Indian is a web browsers.

Epic Availability:

Epic Browser is available only for Windows operating system and Mac OS and you will get mobile for Android and it is also free like all other browsers.

Epic Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • Epic is a safe and fast browser.
  • There is no type of brows history save in this.
  • It is available for free on Android, Windows and Mobile.
  • You will not get any automatic update in this.
  • You cannot track any URL in it.

No.4 SRWare Iron Browser

You may not have heard the name of SRWare Iron because there are so many popular browsers on the internet, in such a situation, who would want to know about a private browser, but if you look at the Safest & private browsers list, then it also probably comes in the top 5 list.

Its biggest joy is that there is a browser with simpler and better performance. Many browsers store many information of the user. Which they do not even need. But this is not the case, user privacy is kept in mind and priority is given to it.

SRWare Iron Availability:

SRWare Iron is available for all Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and all mobile browsers are available with Android, you can use it on mobile.

SRWare Iron Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • Its interface is as easy as Google chrome and you will also see fast performance in it.
  • SRWare Iron can be called secure but it is not 100% private browser.

No.5 Waterfox Browser

It is also an open source software like tor which is included in safest and best private browsers list. In this, you can keep your privacy safe and use encrypted search technology.

Keeping privacy safe while using the Internet is the biggest challenge for the users and how much effort we make, our privacy gets leak due to some reason. Just as the data of crores of people was leaked due to Facebook data leak some time ago, in such a way, browsers cannot help you in this.

This can help in securing your searches and the data privacy they cause. But no one can take 100% guarantee.

Waterfox Availability:

Epic Browser’s is available only for Windows operating system and Mac OS and you will get mobile for Android and it is also free like all other browsers.

Waterfox Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • Its interface is as simple as Google chrome and you will also see fast performance in it.
  • SRWare Iron can be called secure but it is not 100% private browsers.
  • It is not 100% private, it also collects data.

Friends, these are the top 5 best private browsers that you can use safely. Tor browser is the best of all, but only the onion website can be accessed on it. If you also have a browser that is secure, fast, then write about it in the comments.

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