Google Launches New TLD Domain Name – HSTS Security

You will all know about Google Domains. It is also a domain name provider like Godaddy from where anyone can buy any domain name like dot com, net, org, in. Google has just started a program here, with a new level domain name. What is this new domain? And it can be purchased in such a way that we will get information in detail here.

To buy a domains, we think 100 times what will be its name? Buy dot com, org, net or select which domains name in dot in.

Because we know that a good domain URL can help in getting quick traffic and Adsense approve on our website and we can make our online website brand unique.

.dev Early Access Program by Google

Google has just launched a new top level domain (TLD) named ‘.dev’

This new domain has been launched because at this time providers have all kinds of domain name systems such as.

  • Global domain’s name – .com
  • Organization domain’s  – .org
  • Government domain’s  – .gov
  • Education domain’s – .edu
  • World Network domain’s – .net

There are many more such names related to a country and department, but till now there was no domain which is for developers and that is why Google launched this new system.

Developer domain’s  – .dev
Google new TLD

This is the third domain that Google is launching, before dot dot and dot app names have been launched by TLD domain. The biggest benefit of all these domain names is that they are not protected by SSL but with a new security system HSTS.

What is HSTS?

HSTS Full Form is HTTP Strict Transport Security is a latest web security technique that protects the website from activities like protocol downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking.

How to buy dev domain’s?

.dev Early Access Program has just started from 19 February 2019 and it can be purchased by going through Google TLD domain’s section.

Dot Dev domain’s will be priced at $ 12 / year at this time. But it is not with anyone yet, so there are some conditions with it.

As if any TLD domain Godaddy will be purchased, then you will know that we just search for the domain with our custom name and then add it to the cart and make payment.

But Google has not done this. Dev domain’s selling is starting from 19 Feb and also ‘Get your domain before anyone else for an additional fee’. meaning

The standard price of .dev will remain, but you have to pay extra money to get it, how much will it have to pay? See this

  • Feb 19 8:00am PST –  Feb 20 7:59am PST $11,500
  • Feb  20 8:00am PST –  Feb 21 7:59am PST $3,500
  • Feb 21 8:00am PST –  Feb 22 7:59am PST $1,150
  • Feb 22 8:00am PST –  Feb 25 7:59am PST $350
  • Feb 25 8:00am PST –  Feb 28 7:59am PST $125
  • Feb 28 8:00am PST $0


If you want to buy it first, then you have to pay additional fee for it and if you want to buy dot dev without any additional charge, then you have to try after 28 February.

HSTS .dev TLD Benefits:

Google has launched it for the developers community and according to me its biggest benefit is that the way the domain is for every individual field, now it has become a domain for the same developers which can be easily identified. Can.
Nearly 200 million people have claimed Google to buy it in the early access program.

All the dot dev domains that remain will be listed in the HSTS preload and will require HTTPS connection to open them and this will always make its security better than any other domains.

Friends, if you want to buy domain Com, Org, net like this, then you can also get domain with hosting on purchase from Godaddy or any such web hosting site. Right now Google domains are very expensive for India and it gets domain name for at least $ 12 / year.

Yes, if you want an HSTS secure domain’s like .dev, .page or .app then you can buy from Google domains and the time will come for similar domains. What is your opinion about this, definitely share in the comment.

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